Steve the camera guy, outstanding talent! Plus a few watercraft comments

My fishing buddy Saturday was Steve the camera guy who shot the other videos we have on the website.  They are also seen at fishing shows and Emmrod sites around the world.  The man is a professional with years of experience in the field.  He loves the video process of shooting and production as much as I love fishing, WOW.  We spent the day as mentioned in my earlier post fishing from Floating Thunder.  For two men a canoe is great for being able to share the day easily.  That type of craft is ideal for tidal creek that can sometimes be very tight with loads of twists and turns.  Canoes at one point ruled paddle craft here in Florida.  Virtually all of my fishing friends years ago had one along with Boy Scouts in the family so the boats got loads of use.  It seemed the change from kayaks and canoes was sudden.  Today I see fishing kayaks everywhere even driving down the highways they are strapped to the tops of vehicles going in every direction.  Funny thing about canoes is that when I see one I take notice because the sight is pretty rare. 

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