ABU 5500C and the fit to a Packer handle from Jeffs Tackle Box

The ABU reels are work horse baitcasting tools.  They are a multi piece frame and built like tanks with a style harking back to the 1950s.  The round reel style has been over shadowed by the newer low profile models that seem to grow in number each year.  They are lighter and certainly sexier in style.  But the feel of an old round reel is something that just works.  In a Packer handle with the drop down reel seat the comfort and powerful feel is enhanced dramatically.  Take a look at these shots and you'll see what I'm talking about.   I like this rig for tossing the big stuff.  It's very sturdy and can handle anything I might want to catch.  Oh, one final comment.  As in the late 1950s it's best to put a small section of plastic tubing over the reel foot on the reel for a nice tight fit to the seat.  I use a small piece of 5/8 inch ID vinyl tubing from the Lowes.  It comes in bulk and costs only a few cents per foot.