Bass fishing gear, Jeff McGovern's Saturday stuff.

Here is the rig that caught most of the bass on my trip with Bill.  The rod is  the new Emmrod Packrod although this partcualr TPE handle is in prototype orange.  The production models are all black.  The reel of course the Shimano Citica which is an ideal match for bait casting anglers who want the most from an Emmrod.  For line I was rigged with a simple 12lb mono in this case Stren Magnaflex.  I've got quite a  bit still around in large spools we use it for many of our demo casting sessions at Gander Mountain.  The lure that caught most of my fish was a well worn Rattle Trap.  Chrome with a black back I added an orange belly with finger nail polish years ago to mimic an old style Florida color pattern. 

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