Best spincast reel ever the Qualia MuL 10

As a reminder for those who read my blog.   Buy This Reel!!! It works, it's inexpensive, simple to use, and darn tough.  Jack Young the founder and owner of Qualia reels designed a real beauty here.  His firm is mainly known for saltwater heavy tackle, he snuck this one in on us.  No spincast reel at any price can match this piece of gear.  The shot is of my original MuL 10 now two years on the water.  It's been to Canada twice and fishing both saltwater and fresh here in Florida.  The reel has landed redfish, trout and flounder for dinner and even got a 40 inch musky in Canada last summer.  All that for a reel that cost only $29.95.  Such a deal!!!!!  This one is due for the Kayak Classic in a few weeks and another Canada trip this summer.  Hey Jack, the Mul 10 rocks!!!!!!!!! Thanks for creating another fishing classic.

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