Jeff's Tackle Box - a basic baitcast rig

You don't have to spend a fortune for a good solid baitcast set up.  First of all the rod, an Emmrod Packer the fishing pole that founded the Emmrod concept.  The reel an ABU 5500C baitcaster, a old classic that some anglers never change from.  They work in saltwater or freshwater and have been a success story for nearly 40 years now.  I loaded the reel with 20lb Momoi High Catch mono line.  It's a great basic mono that has worked for me from Canada to Florida.  Price wise you got $59.95 in the Emmrod Packer.  The ABU 5500C can be found for as low as 60 dollars in some stores.  The line is around $12.00 for a quarter pound spool.  I like this outfit, it's a nice rig for big topwater like Super Spooks and a real blast to hook up to the big ones.  It will be in my kayak for the tournament coming up in a few weeks.  The Jacksonville Kayak Classic is the largest event of it's kind in the world.  Hopefully my humble little rig will be able to bring me in a nice one.