Jeff's Tackle Box Combat Rod spinning rig

This rig may look delicate and tiny but do let size fool you.  It's set up with 8lb mono and frankly can handle anything you might want to catch with a spinning rod.  The pole section itself is a four coil Combat Rod and it the stiffest shortest Emmrod made right now.  It is a big fish rod supreme as shown last summer in Canada when I landed a 44lb musky on one with a casting handle and bait casting reel.  Now with a spinning handle and light spinning reel it takes on the role of an all around super portable rod that can go almost anywhere without even having to be taken apart.  A saddle bag, back pack. on bikes, motorcycles, or even horse back this little set up is really handy.  I've been using the new Emmrod 2000 series spinning reel and it's been a very nice match up.  The 8lb mono is a universal size for all around spinning.  Easy to cast, big enough for most fish yet light enough for things like stream trout or pan fish if the angler desires.  Casting distance is medium range and with practice very accurate.  I've had no trouble tossing my 3/8 oz practice plugs over 60 feet.  For close in kayak fishing under limbs around docks and in tight cover this little rig should be fantastic.  The pulling power is awesome and if you upgrade to a superline you'll have even more power.  We are just now getting the reels in stock and at $29.95 they represent a good value.  For a new way to have fun on the water this little spinning rig is a great way to go. 

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