Jeff's Tackle Box Emmrods for Bass 3-31-12

Saturday I hit the water with my friend Bill.  He is my pro wrestler sized fishing buddy at 6'7" and 320 lbs that find virtually any kayak a problem.  When you are that big you need room and most kayaks don't provide it.  So he went searching for an answer he could tote in his pickup for small waters and be economical to use plus easy to store.    His invitation to fish was on board his new ride at a small private lake in Central Florida.  The boat is a 10' Pelican Bass Buddy two man fishing boat.  Two high back simple fishing seats in a cat style hull powered by a small electric motor on the stern.  I was pleasantly surprised at the room and comfort for two "tiny" guys.  Bill found the boat at Gander Mountain in Ocala FL where he also picked up his electric trolling motor.  He has only had it a few months now and this was the first trip with two.  A great day on the water I'll put the details up in another post soon.  But I wanted to give Bill his due.  He searched and found the answer for his own fishing needs.  If anyone remembers I had him featured in an earlier post about kayak fishing from my Prowler 13.  He was sure he would die that day on the water.  With Bill in that Prowler it looked like a child's toy out on the inter coastal.  His choice is much better and the grin on his face says it all.

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