Not a kids spincast rig.

This is a man size spincast outfit.  Is it light? Nope.  Is it compact? Nope.  Is is it for little fish?  I don't think so.  This is a DM-40 the Mul 10s big brother hooked up with an Emmrod Packer.  On the light side your going to be using 20lb mono, on the heavy side it will handle superline over 100lb test.  One of these will be at Lake of the Woods this year as a man size big fish clobbering time outfit.  I'll be using it with the 20lb mono option since most spincast anglers use mono rather than superline.  By the way a version of this reel is used by bow fishing anglers with 200lb braid on it for sharks, yeah my kind of rig!    This is a true baitcast power house replacement for folks whose thumbs never quite learn the process.