Secret lure revealed Mr Sam's 2012

I've mentioned before how we had started a tradition of sorts over a decade ago to have Mr Sam's handmade lures involved in our trip to Oak Island.  The way it works is that each participant gets one lure to throw and then a second autographed by Mr Sam and having the year of the trip on it that is a display model.  The deal is the first and last lure thrown must be the Mr Sam's for each member of the trip.  We are into this tradition 12 years now as noted by the lure display my father keeps on the wall at home.  I'll post a shot of his display later on.  For now this is the 2012 lure, a topwater (of course) the model is a 1/2 ounce version of Mr Sam's famous Lil Zip, these as cusotm colored for the us.

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