So many smallmouth

Here is a shot of one of many smallmouth we have landed.  Lake of the Woods is loaded with these things.  The rod shown is an Emmrod Packer, one of the best compact bait casting rods on the market today if you use the right reel.  In this case it's an ABU 5500C about as common as it gets.  This is a great starter outfit for anyone and well worth learning to use.  Bait casting requires practice and a thumb educated to the task.  Take time to learn the skill, it's life changing for an angler who really loves to cast.  The line here is simple 20lb Momoi High Catch, that's the least expensive that they make but my favorite in that line up.  If you can't find that line Big Game from Berkley is fine too.  Using an Emmrod will open a whole new adventure for anglers.  I use them exclusively and prefer them over conventional tubular poles.  They are tougher, easier to handle, easy to pack or store, and quite simply a fish catching beast.  Here I am at Lake of the Woods one of the top ten fishing destinations in the world, I can bring anything I want in the form of fishing rod.  Frankly they are in my tackle room right now,  But I choose Emmrods because they are more fun.  Contact me to find out more and get into this whole new world of fishing excitement.

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