Walleye on an Emmrod Packer and 5500C

This is a typical walleye catch at Lake of the Woods.  Over the years out of  Oak Island this fish has been the highlight on many a group meal.  The rig is again the Emmrod Packer and an ABU 5500C.  I can't say enough how much fun this rig is to use.  It does require getting use to it and practice does make it run very well.  The time taken to learn this outfit will be given back many times in great catches and more time hauling them in than dragging baits through the water.  I think of Emmrods as catching poles rather than just fishing poles.  This one is a prime example and whats really cool about it is that it's the least expensive rig for true baitcast work with an Emmrod.  When I get back to Florida the rig is regular on board my W500 from Wavewalk.  We have some saltwater fishing lined up for the rest of the summer so once I get back it's off the races chasing snook, redfish, sea trout and flounder.

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