35 years ago - Jeff McGovern

I found this picture in my parent's basement after we got back from Oak Island in June.  Thank goodness for Mom and Dad  having albums of pictures from years past.  This was our Oak Island Adventure in the summer of 1977.  Emmrods were not even on my mind yet.  I had did have a really cool pocket calculator that was four function and cost more than my Android but this was way before PCs and digital cameras were common place.  I well remember the rod, a 6 foot Ugly Stick med heavy with a metal pistol grip, the reel was an ABU 5500, the line 14lb clear blue Stren, the lure a Creek Chub Pikey in chrome finish cliped to a 12 inch 30lb stainless steel leader.  The moment was cool too.  I was casting off the dock wating for the family when I hooked the beast out in the bay in front of the cabin.  Fought the fish all the way to the dock and my brother Gary netted it.  Way cool to think we still fish up there and our family is still a close as ever, that's a blessing.  The rod and reel were a Christmas 1976 gift from my parents.  Thank goodness we are all still around, the rod and reel too.

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