The bait that does the job - Redfish Magic style

This is a random shot of one of our lures from the Oak Island adventure 2012.  It's a field modified Redfish Magic spinner.  Note the head is larger than Strike King offers, in this case a 1/2 ounce boxing glove style.  There is also a small  piece of 1/8 inch plastic tubing over the "R" bend of the spinner harness.  Key factor here since it allows the use of the canoeman's loop knot to attach the bait to the 20lb fluorocarbon leader.  This rigging is what I use on both the Emmrod spinning and casting gear when using these lures.  The nice thing about this type of setup is head changes are simple and you are only dealing with one hook.  With big fish not having extra sets of treble hooks flying around when dealing with your catch is critical.  In a kayak or canoe where space is limited you can save yourself injury and a ruined fishing day by having just single hook baits.

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