Jeff McGovern and the Emmrods near the 206 bridge

Another nice quick morning kayak fishing trip to Genung's Fish Camp near the 206 bridge.  The Emmrods were on the money this morning when it came to getting fish to the kayak.  My rigs were one casting and one spin set up.  The bait caster was a Shimano Citica loaded with 16lb Momoi, the lure a Mirrodine, the rod an Emmrod Packrod cast.  The spinning rig was a Qualia NLF 30 reel loaded with 10lb Fireline on an Emmrod Packrod spin, the lure a DOA shrimp.  The kayak of course the fantastic W500 from Wavewalk.  Had a great time and it was wonderful to see friends out there as well fishing and having fun.  The area around the 206 bridge at Cresent Beach, FL is a fishing hotspot for sure.

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