My CraigCat

I really need to get back to this little boat.  The CraigCat is a load of fun.  Mine is a 2003 model I bought new in late summer 2002.  This cleanup video was shot two years ago in April 2010.  The boat has been out of the water since now needing new hull bolts and a serious going over.  The new boats have stainless steel hull bolts compared to my original nylon.  Without the change the boat cannot be on the water since the nylon bolts could shear or break.  It's about an $80 tag for the new ones so I've got to get them ordered.  After than it will be an afternoon with the pressure washer, soap, wax and oil to get the boat looking halfway decent. Then likely a $200 trip to the shop for the engine.  Afterwards maybe we'll get it out on the St John's River here in Florida.

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