A nostalgic rig ABU Garcia and Emmrod

Here is a shot of a real nostalgic fishing setup.  An Emmrod Packer equipped with an old red 5000 ABU casting reel.  At one time long ago like the 1950s and 1960s the red reel from ABU was king of the bait casters.  By the 1970s the high speed 5500Cs had come along and then later the flood of low profile reels from the far east.  But you know this old reel still has what it takes.  There are no ball bearings in this beauty, that's right zero!  Yet with it's bronze bushings instead it casts long and smooth in many cases out classing today's reels.  The retrieve is slow at less than 4 to 1 but very strong, the reel has no trouble hauling big fish in.   I've been working with this rig for a couple of weeks now and it's loads of fun.  The reel is one that I got back in 1968 as my first real bait caster.  It was crying to hit the water again. My first Emmrod was a Packer in 2006 and I still enjoy using it with a 5500C.  For anyone who thinks they are good with a bait caster this is the set up to try.  ABU still makes the round multi piece reels like the old 5000.  Just for the fun of it any angler would have a blast fishing a set up like this.  I recommend the Emmrod Packer 7 coil rod since it has the flex for the cast the ABU round reels just love.

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