Friday, March 30, 2012

Thanks to Jack Young and Qualia Fishing

Kate and I have been selling the fine Qualia reels for a couple of years now.  Wonderful products that perform well in excess of their price.  I know Jack Young the owner of Qualia only from our many phone conversations.  He has always struck me as a kind generous man with a true love for his years in the tackle business.  He recently made the decision to get out of the rod business and concentrate his energies on Qualia's reel lineup.  So he had a number of rods still in stock that would no longer be for sale.  We had talked about this and Jack offered me a number of them for donations to groups where they could help make a difference.  So yesterday my wife and I had the privilege of taking 60 spincast rods, brand new in the packages to Rodeheaver Boys Ranch just south of town here in Palatka, FL.  Thanks Jack!  The boys will certainly get good use of them your generosity is a blessing.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Steve the camera guy, outstanding talent! Plus a few watercraft comments

My fishing buddy Saturday was Steve the camera guy who shot the other videos we have on the website.  They are also seen at fishing shows and Emmrod sites around the world.  The man is a professional with years of experience in the field.  He loves the video process of shooting and production as much as I love fishing, WOW.  We spent the day as mentioned in my earlier post fishing from Floating Thunder.  For two men a canoe is great for being able to share the day easily.  That type of craft is ideal for tidal creek that can sometimes be very tight with loads of twists and turns.  Canoes at one point ruled paddle craft here in Florida.  Virtually all of my fishing friends years ago had one along with Boy Scouts in the family so the boats got loads of use.  It seemed the change from kayaks and canoes was sudden.  Today I see fishing kayaks everywhere even driving down the highways they are strapped to the tops of vehicles going in every direction.  Funny thing about canoes is that when I see one I take notice because the sight is pretty rare. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Floating Thunder back in the salt

Yesterday my friend and camera guy Steve was visiting the area.  We wanted to do a little saltwater kayak fishing over at Genung's Fish Camp.  However the winds were going to being blowing hard out of the west and Steve has never kayaked before.  Sticking him alone in an unfamiliar boat toting fishing gear and cameras in less than favorable conditions would have been a little crazy.  Nothing is more frustrating than trying a new thing when mother nature has other ideas.  So instead I rigged up the recently cleaned up and now ready to go Floating Thunder, my Grumman model 1340 aluminum canoe.  The boat has not been in saltwater since 2001.  As with any Grumman canoe time has a hard time catching up with them.  Aircraft aluminum is tough as nails and other than minor scratches very little short of running them over with a semi truck will damage them.  It was interesting to compare the all day on the water comfort of the canoe to my W500.  WOW did I miss the easy stand up feature of the Wavewalk !  It is unreal the difference between being in a seat for hours and the ease of moving around the W500 allows.   Both boats are ones I've spent many days on the water with.  Both have their merits.  As much fishing as I've done from Yoav's boat the stand up feature allows longer casts, improved observation of surrounding conditions, and more time on the water.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OK here is the whole Combat rod from Jeff's Tackle Box

I have been asked to show the entire Combat rod.  This is the latest version and the one I recommend when asked about the rig.  It can be had in a spinning handle too but bait casting rigs are my favorite.  Hey by the way for kayak fishing it is killer. The darn thing is frankly very habit forming and hard to put down.  Once you understand the simple casting stroke distance is easy and control is wonderful.  A rig like this is very different for most anglers.  The fact that big fish can be handled so easily is difficult to understand unless you give it a serious try.  For someone who thinks they are a bait cast expert this rig is one you have got to have.  A warning however,  you may start ignoring you other bait cast poles this one is toooo much fun!!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Smokin good kayak casting reel on an Emmrod

My favorite fishing reels for a day on the water are casting reels.  There are loads of them on the market but one little mid priced reel stands out.  It's the 200E Citica from Shimano.  Right now with the introduction of the new G series the E models are down to 70 or 80 dollars from 120 last year.  On the new Emmrod Packrod casting rig with the TPE handle this reel helps create an ideal bait casting set up.  Compact, poweful, and fits the hand like a dream this rig is smokin.  Casting distance is fantastic and for the kayak angler about a compact as it gets.  Any game fish we normally go after can be landed on this gear.  My favorite set up is a four coil combat or standard Universal rod on the Packrod handle with one of the Citica reels.  Get yours before they are sold out for good.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kate, Jeff and Emmrods at Gander Mountain yesterday

We had a great time yestersay at Gander Mountain in Saint Augustine, FL.  We will be there again today from noon till 4.  These two gentlemen were also on hand.  Bob Bellew is over 80 years old and still represents fishing clients he has had since the 1970s.  The man is a hoot and has loads of fishing stories and has fogotten more about bass fishing than most people could even imagine.  Great to chat with, I hope I have have his zest for life when I hit that age.  Dean Rojas is one of the top B.A.S.S anglers on the tour today and is Gander's top pro.  Both gentlemen were great to spend time with.  Our little Emmrods continue to gain traction and who know someday maybe a pro angler will take them up.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Saint Augustine Gander Mountain 3-10 and 3-11-2012

Kate and I will be at Gander Mountain this coming weekend in Saint Augustine, FL.  We will have the new Emmrod TPE handle Packrods on hand along with the other fishing rods from Emmrod.  Should be a good show and it's right along with Gander's big fishing event that will even include BASS star Dean Rojas on Saturday.  Kayak fishing will be discussed aliong with saltwater flats fishing and bass fishing with the local BASS club.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A simple basic casting rig

It's not always necessary to spend a fortune on a bait casting setup.  The most basic Emmrod casting setup is the Packer rigged with an ABU 5500C reel.  This entire setup can be had for around 120 dollars including the line if you shop carefully.  In fact most anglers have an old 5500C in their gear stash that was looking for the right rod.  My very first Emmrod was one just like this, four coil, Packer handle and in the gray color.  The biggest change here is that the rod section is the new Universal style which adds loads of fighting power to the rig.  It works great with a simple mono line like the 16lb Momio High Catch spooled on this rig.  This particular rod is the small tip version but with a bait caster it makes no difference.  For big topwaters this thing is a blast.  For my hybrid Redfish Magic baits it's loads of fun to battle the big ones on.  Early morning in my fishing kayak chucking a big Zara Spook it's a hcck of a way to start off a great day on the water.