Here is a shot of the ABU 5000 and the Emmrod Packer used in the prior posts video.  The rig is a classic.  That reel is 45 years old and thanks to the bronze bushings plus jewel like components inside still performs like a champ.  It's a rig to enjoy good old fashioned top water baits with, big ones that move lots of water and get creamed by big fish.  Casting distance is on par with the ball bearing beauties of today but frankly those new reels will have a tough time outlasting it.  Cool thing is even after all these years should I need parts for it they are still around.  The Emmrod Packer is a great place to land this land.  Handling is wonderful and it feels solid and secure with all that metal instead of plastic and graphite.  I have the Packer handle wrapped with tennis racket grip tape and a band of silicon tape at the top.  Nicely padded for battling the big ones.  The line is 16lb Momoi High Catch a versatile thin for it's break strength mono that has proven itself to me year after year both in fresh and saltwater.  For someone who loves baitcast gear this combo is a blast and must have.  The combination of a round ABU from the 4000 to 6000 series and an Emmrod Packer is a wonderful thing.

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