Emmrod light tackle test with Daiwa 1300SS and tiny spinners

Since I have this technical meeting coming up at Rockbridge in MO the gear needed to be tested for lighter lures.  I rarely if ever throw such tiny baits since my normal quarry of redfish, trout, flounder and snook in saltwater can handle 1/4 ounce and above lures.  But now it's going to rainbow trout in a stocked stream situation.  That's fly fishing water for sure but I've never been much of a fly guy or fluff chucker as they are sometimes referred to.  I'll be with some excellent fly anglers so hopefully I can learn something about what they do for success.  Likely for flies I'll use spin bobbers and fluorocarbon leaders.  My planned gear will be Daiwa 1300SS reels and the Emmrod Packrod Spin poles.

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