Jeff McGovern with Emmrod and Nanofil

I loaded up one of my Daiwa 1300SS reels with Nanofil from Berkley.  First the spool was backed with 16lb Momoi High Catch since it's what was on the filler.  That was just to fill space since if Nanofil was alone on this reel it would have taken over 300 yards of the stuff.  Casting distance is great and the line just sails off the reel with zero tangles or memory problems.  The rod is an Emmrod Packrod spin with a 7 coil tip.  It's actually better than the 10lb Fireline I've used on these reels for years.  A few weeks back in Canada this line combined with an Emmrod 2000 reel and a 7 coil Mountainer landed my personal best musky ever at a hair of 50 inches and a weight of 56lbs.  This current rigging is for trout in MO.  We shall see how that goes.  Again shot with my Replay XD1080P camera. 720P 60fps.

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