Jeff McGovern in the backyard metal detecting

This is one more thing I need to do from the Wavewalk 500.  Take that metal detector out to some of the remote areas boats have trouble reaching and do a bit of low tide detecting.  Besides as little room as my Emmrods take up I can bring all the gear I need in the W500.  The Garrett Treasure Ace 100 is maybe 15 years old now and still works great. The Pro Pointer from Garrett makes finding the target super easy.  I've been having a blast doing this since we have been so busy the last few weeks it's tough to find time to head to the coast for fishing.  The metal detecting is right out the back door and with a house built in 1883 there is loads of stuff to find.  The video was shot with my Replay XD1080P set at 720p 60fps in it's headset mount.

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